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players as well as other general items for musicians.  Enjoy scrolling through the entire store for window shopping or buying!

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 Jazzy Ukulele Workbook 1
This is the workbook that is used in the Jazzy Ukulele workshops. Step-by-step introduction to commonly used jazz chords and jazz patterns that pros use to play standards. All jazz patterns are highlighted and explained for the beginning jazz ukulele player. Learn the chords and patterns for songs like Autumn Leaves, Fly Me to the Moon, Mac the Knife, L-O-V-E, I Left My Heart in San Francisco and Love Letters
 Jazzy Ukulele Practice Tracks
Get an online digital download to your computer for the songs in Workbook 1. These practice "music-minus-one" tracks are recorded with bass, drums and piano melodies. Each song is recorded twice, once with ukulele and once without. This is a good tool for learning the tunes.

Tutorial Video for Workbook 1
This is the companion tutorial video for Jazzy Ukulele Workbook 1. It greatly expands on the the information in the book with lots of tips on intros, endings, strums and song form. In addition to showing how the six songs in the book should be played, it takes you slowly and up close through all the jazz chords and patterns used and explains fingerings.
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              e-Video (58 minutes)
Jazzy 3-Pak Bundle $29.95
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When you're ready for more jazz patterns get this!

 e-Book  $15.50 
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Advanced Jazz Chords  (that are easy to make!)
This five part video series shows you how to make some advanced jazz chords that sound very jazzy and hip indeed - and they're easy to make! They all spin off of the first set of major jazz patterns in Workbook 1. You'll be able to sprinkle these sparkling chords into all the jazz standards you play. Your friends will think you sound like a pro when they hear you!

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                Advanced Jazz Chords (that are easy to make!) 





       Jazz Blues for Ukulele e-book
Introduction to the jazz chords and progressions that jazz players play use to play the blues. Jazz blues progressions are much different than ordinary 3-chord blues. Make all these very hip blues chords with just two hand shapes. The book explains and walks you through the evolution of basic three-chord blues to the cool sounds of jazz blues, using big, easy-to-read diagrams.
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    Jazz Blues Video Lessons
In this fun, 55 minute video Glen Rose shows you how to utilize all the jazz blues progressions shown in the jazz blues book and takes you many steps further. Hear the sounds of the jazz blues progressions and learn how to take ordinary blues songs and make them sound jazzy.
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  MP3 Play-Along          Practice Recordings   
Hear the sound of jazz blues and play along with a rhythm section while you practice the jazz blues progressions and blues scales. Bass, drums and ukulele back you up so you can relax and have fun singing and playing. Ten tracks in package
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Get the Jazz Blues 3-Pak Bundle 
 Jazz Blues for Ukulele e-book, Jazz Blues Video Lessons and
MP3 play-along practice tracks.
All three for only $28.95 You Save $12.75!
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Play Bossa Nova!  
                                                                                      (for small ukes)

Four new tutorial products to help you learn to play bossa nova. The new edition of the Bossa Nova Classics  e-book has all new jazz arrangements as well as diagrams for playing bossa nova strums.                      
The Two Video Lesson Set  is a companion to the book and takes you through all ten songs. The Bossa Nova Drum Tracks provide a rhythm section for practice or fun. The Bossa Nova Strums Video gives you a more in-depth focus on rhythm and has step-by-step instruction on how to play the patterns from the book.


              Ten Lessons
Study each of the songs in     the Bossa Nova Classics   Book with this two-video set.
       Two hours of Video Lessons          Downloaded to your computer

   Bossa Nova

       for Practice
          or Play
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 (PDF download)
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    "Bossa Nova Classics for Ukulele."

Loaded with diagrams and info on playing bossa nova chord patterns and rhythms. Much helpful information and history of bossa nova is included.

All the jazz patterns are highlighted in this 43 page book just as in the Jazzy Ukulele Workbook. It's generally recommended that you have the Workbook before you get this bossa nova study. Learning the songs will be easier if you have it.
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 Study each of the songs in
the Bossa Nova Classics Book
with Glen Rose  
                            Video Download to your computer
 This two video set (two hours of video lessons) takes you through all ten songs in the Bossa Nova Classics book (above). Each jazz chord and every jazz chord pattern in every song is explained. Lots of professional tips and tricks. Jazz Intros and endings for all the songs, breaking them down slowly and clearly so you can learn understand the jazz patterns.
The jazz chords patterns are studied for Meditation, Black Orpheus Theme, Wave, Dindi, Look of Love, So That's a Samba, Corcovado, One Note Samba, Watch What Happens and Ipanema.
 Bossa nova strums aren't studied here. That's an entire study of it's own that is on the Bossa Nova Strums video (below).

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     Bossa Nova Drum Tracks 
     MP3 Play-Along Practice Tracks                download to your computer

Ten separate 10 minute long digital Bossa Nova drum rhythm recordings that you can use for practice or just playing around and having fun while the Brazilian rhythm section keeps a groove going for you with Brazilian percussion instruments. Using the tracks is explained on the Strums Video. They turn your practice time into fun sessions. 


Bossa Nova 3-Pac Bundle
                          Bossa Nova Classics + Ten Lessons Video + Bossa Nova Drum Tracks
Add to Cart3-Pack Bundle for Only $29.75 You Save $18.50



Bossa Nova Strums for Ukulele  
                                         (For small ukes)                                                                          One hour Video Lesson Download to your computer 
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 Bossa nova rhythm is fun. This video will get you on the road to Rio!
The one hour video has step-by-step, strum-by strum instruction on how to play Brazilian bossa nova 
rhythm patterns just like professional musicians use. One-bar and two-bar patterns are explained in detail. Everything is shown as slowly and clearly as possible  Seeing and watching Glen Rose explain and demonstrate bossa nova strumming makes learning fun and easy.

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          Baritone Ukulele (DGBE) 
               All books are available in baritone editions
            Please visit the Baritone book and video store      

  Learn the jazz patterns on guitar                                                                                      Play Jazz Guitar with Just Six Chords!
This e-book is designed for the guitarist with rock or folk experience.
The same method as shown in the Jazzy Ukulele books. Step-by-step introduction to the most commonly used jazz chords and patterns that pros use to play standards. All jazz patterns are highlighted and explained. Play and write jazz without reading music. The 44-page book includes big hand position photos and diagrams. Easy enough for the beginning guitarist, as well. Also available in music stores in paperback. The 45 minute video tutorial goes with the book, but can also be used alone as a study method.1
Add to Cart$15.79 e-book                         (PDF download)
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               Gateway to Jazz 
    Play Jazz with Just Six Chords."
Add to Cart $27.59 Video Lessons for 
                        Gateway to Jazz Guitar  

        Use your credit card to purchase (MP4 download)

Step-by-step, in depth instruction that follows the lessons in the book. 

This 45 minute video can be used with or without the book. 

If you play guitar, you'll enjoy learning the same jazz concepts that you play on the ukulele. 

Gateway to 
Jazz Guitar Bundle
               Get the Gateway to Jazz E-book & 
              The Gateway to Jazz Video Lesson   
                                              You save $10
when purchased together!
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A Music Notation Primer - The Art of Music Calligraphy.
This book shows how to write the symbols of music by hand. A guide for music copyist's and calligraphers. it was a standards text in university orchestration/composition classes before notation software took over. The book is written entirely in hand script, with pen stroke directions given in large examples showing how to draw all of the music symbols.

Here are the reviews:
“...an invaluable aid to anyone entering the field of music preparation.”
John Williams - Motion Picture Composer, “Jaws” and “Star Wars”   
“...this book should be in every arrangers or composer’s ‘copyist briefcase’.”
Sammy Nestico -  Composer and Arranger for Count Basie.    
  Add to Cart $11.75 e-book. (PDF download) 60 pages 5.5"x 8.5" All hand calligraphy. 
                                 Use your credit card to purchase A Music Notation Primer e-book. 

   For ukulele players who also play piano!


Learn piano improvisation with Glen Rose                                                         How to make up things on the piano without reading music

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Cocktail Piano Series
Want to learn how to play cocktail piano?
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