About the Downloads:

You need to have the Jazzy Ukulele Workbooks to work with downloaded music charts below. The ultimate objective in learning the jazz chords and patterns is to be able to play standards that you encounter in fake books or any sheet music. Charts on this page can be downloaded for you to study and play. The jazz patterns are highlighted in red and blue just as they are in the Jazzy Ukulele Workbook. The charts are from fake books without ukulele chords diagrams on them. It’s up to you to decide which of the jazz chord shapes to use from the major and minor patterns in the workbook or chose individual chords if they are not a part of any jazz pattern.

Notes on Song Charts:  On these charts, major seven chords are represented by a triangle and minor seven chords are represented by a minus sign. This is jazz shorthand. For chords not in a jazz pattern, consult the major and minor pattern diagrams in the Jazzy Ukulele Workbook and find the chords there.


As Time Goes By: There are several chords not in the jazz patterns. Always use a jazz chord for them. i.e., when you see the Eb chord, play it as an Eb69. The C7 and F7 are going to become C13 and F9 respectively. On the coda play the Gm7 to C7b9 as Gm7 to C13. You don't need the C7b9 chord, it's optional. You can try it if you know how to make it, but it's not necessary.

Tenderly: The following chords are stand alone chords, not part of jazz pattern:

     Ab7#11 is similar to Ab9 lower the highest string back one fret. (play frets 5665) 

 It's an Abm6 chord 

is not found in the major and minor chord diagram.

 You can try an Abm7 chord in it's place. If you don't like that, then use a genuine Abm6 which is synonymous with an Fm7b5 chord shape made on the 4th fret. You will find it located on the minor jazz patterns position 3 diagram.

     Fm9 is going to be an Fm7, beginning on the 1st fret as in the chord diagrams in the back of the book. 

 The 3rd line has 2 minor jazz patterns of Fm7b5 to Bb7b9. I just forgot to mark to second one in blue.

If the charts are very large when you download them,  try dragging or importing them into Microsoft Word and opening them there to print in a normal size. ( Hopefully it will work)
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