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  Glen Rose plays jazz piano, guitar, ukulele and has written many beginning jazz method books and videos for all these instruments. He has principly made his living from his piano playing over the past 45 years. 

He began his music career fresh out of high school in the Hollywood motion picture music studios. He worked as amusic copyist along side his father at 20th Century Fox Motion Picture Studios preparing the music for the movie recording sessions. (A copyist writes all the orchestra parts by hand with pen and ink) This work put him in working contact with the likes of John Williams, Lalo Schriffrin, Quincy Jones, Sammy Nestico, Billy May and many other film composers of that era. In the 1970s, Glen Rose was a music professor at Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz and musical director for local theater productions. For eight years, he toured as a pianist/ entertainer, playing throughout Western Europe. in the 1980’s, he started producing commercial music and composed over 100 on-air jingles in the central California area. Beginning in the 90’s, he toured the U.S. for seventeen years with his piano novelty stage show. He was the author of a popular music notation textbook that was widely used in universities before computer software superseded that study. The book was endorsed by film composer and Boston Pops conductor, John Williams.

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ple Ipod Touch G5. It’s very portable and easy to use. It has a reversible view finder mode so I can see myself while shooting. 


Recommended Fake Books:

If you like playing standards it’s a good idea to get a good fake book. These ones listed below have good chord changes and will make it much easier to spot jazz patterns so it will make your learning and playing much easier. Most “fake books” on the market are not so good. Here’s a short list of good ones to choose from. Click on the links below and they will lead you to the publishers who sell them.

The Real Book series by 
Hal Leonard. 

The Standards Real Book by
Chuck Sher

Any jazz study book by
Jamie Aerbersold

Jazzy Ukulele Workshops

These workshops provide a well organized and useful pathway for learning to play jazz standards in a simple, understandable way that makes use of the same methodology used by professional jazz players. Learning the correct jazz chords and jazz patterns are the key to successful playing.

Workshop ReviewPortland Ukulele Association, Portland Oregon 
“…To be able to play Jazz standards has been the holy grail of ukulele playing for me, and a challenge. Recently I attended a workshop presented by Glen Rose, Jazzy Ukulele, part one. Glen is a skilled and experienced teacher, and I was impressed with his style, and approach. The material was accessible, easy for the intermediate player to grab onto, intellectually satisfying, and just plain fun. Glen Rose's workshop is the missing link for those player's ready to take the leap to a new level of playing. I can't wait for part two! “....Marianne Brogan, 
Founder, Portland Ukulele Association, and Portland Uke Fest.

Recent Jazzy Ukulele Workshops
  • February, 2015  Penang, Malaysia, Manuel Uke Shop
  • February, 2015 Singapore, Ukulele Movement
  • March, 2015 Seoul, Korea for GGUM Ukulele Company
  • March 2015 Ukulele Band Camp-Columbia Gorge, Oregon 
  • April, 2015 Seattle,Dusty Strings Music
  • May, 2015 Santa Cruz, California Ukulele Club
  • February, 2010, Tucson, Az, 17th Street Music
  • March, 2010 San Diego, Giacoletti Music Shop

Video Review, Reno, Nevada     

Learn from a jazz master who has worked with such luminaries as Quincy Jones, Nelson Riddle, and Henry Mancini! I just took the first video lesson from the book and I must say that I learned more “jazz chord stuff” in that 10 minutes than all the other jazz stuff I have unsuccessfully attempted to learn combined. Not that it was better, Glen merely made it immediately understandable where no one else had succeeded (with me)....Doug Reynolds; leader Reno Ukefest


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